Benefits of using an online reservation management tool

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Are you still using pen and paper for your reservations? Do you often realize you do not have access to your notebook at all times? Perhaps you are just tired of answering the phone to take reservations when you’re trying to take care of your business and family. If this sounds like your life, it may be time to switch to an online reservations tool that can help save you time and paperwork! 

Implementing an online reservations management tool into your daily business routine will provide you with many benefits. Aside from presenting a convenient way for customers to search and purchase, it will allow you to see future reservations, receive bookings after hours, share traveler information with all of your team members and most importantly, reach your potential customers where they are looking.

We have outlined some important reasons that you should consider moving your booking and management system online below.


Convenience for Customers

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When you've adapted an online reservation management system, you are providing your customers with a convenient way to search and purchase while they are creating their itinerary. According to a 2016 study done by TrekkSoft, implementing an online reservations tool has the power to increase your bookings by 30-40%. As more travelers turn to the internet to plan their trips, having the ability to search after hours and reserve their spot for your tour or activity is a key decision maker for their purchases.

Another great benefit you are providing your customers is the ability to securely pay for their reservations online and receive an instant booking confirmation email. This also means you will be getting your payments faster and should you need to process a refund, you have the ability to do so quickly. These benefits will allow you more time to focus on the customer experience when your customers actually arrive, instead of spending time dealing with their upfront booking process.

Convenience for Your Company

Implementing an online reservation management system will also have many benefits for your company. Aside from saving you quite a bit of time, it will also provide you with a structured database of all the important booking information such as customer contact information and booking details. Should you need to let your customers know you have to cancel their tour due to bad weather, they can be reached quickly and easily.

Having an online reservation system gives you the ability to see your future availability and plan accordingly. Having this insight can help shape your products and allow you to make important business decisions based on your customer data. We are sure you know when your busy season is, but are you able to see how it is affecting your bottom line? When all of your reservations data is structured, you can use this data to learn and make changes for your future dates. Perhaps you realize you need more employees or equipment or you see adding on an additional tour is the right move for your bottom line.

When using offline methods like pen and paper, most likely one person will end up in charge of managing reservations which can be a burdensome responsibility. When using an online reservation system, you provide your team access to easily create, edit and cancel reservations when needed. This will free up a little more time to focus on the things that are more important in your business.

Let’s face it, we live in a fast paced world and by catering to the needs of the modern day traveler, with online reservation management systems you’re opening your business up for increased bookings and awareness. 

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