Make Your Tours & Activities Stand Out Online!

Posted by Vanda on Oct 31, 2017 11:15:00 AM

Congrats! You’re finally ready to take online bookings with OnceThere. Whether your business provides anything from foodie tours, kayak rentals or whitewater rafting adventures, you've now taken the first step to advancing your business.

Tour and activity providers on average get 30-40% more bookings after implementing an online booking system. Now, that your business is online and has all this potential to get more bookings, what’s the next step? With over 2,400 tour operators in the industry, you need to position what your company has to offer in the most appealing way possible to travelers.

Now that you’re on OnceThere, you can tailormake your offerings to attract and draw in more customers to book through our platform. Let’s break down how you can build a great offering on OnceThere with the Why We Love This, Overview, and Details sections as well as with your pictures.

offering selection.pngWhy We Love This

When a customer clicks on your offering, the first thing they’ll see is the Why We Love This section. This is your opportunity to grab a customer’s attention with the three best things about your offering. We suggest including any awards or recognition you've recieved, such as “Voted #1 Food Tour in Austin by TripAdvisor!” or “Only tour where you are able to hold a baby alligator!” Another way to grab a customer’s attention is to highlight any extras included in your offering such as “Lunch and snacks included!” or “Free hotel pick-up!” It is important that each highlight in the Why We Love This section is short and sweet.


The Overview section should be a short description of what you are offering to the customer. We limit you to only 400 characters because this should supplement what you put for the Why We Love This section. Again, this is going to be one of the first impressions a customer will have, so you want the Overview to be engaging and interesting enough for the customer to continue to learn more about your offering. Please be sure to not add in any unnecessary details in the Overview section, instead save those for the Details section.

Details Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 9.44.47 AM.png

When it comes to the Details section, it is important you fill out as much information as possible. You have already engaged the customer with the Why We Love This and Overview sections, now it’s about giving as much information as possible to the customer, so they can feel confident in booking your tour, attraction or activity. You will set the customer’s expectations, so it’s important that you fill out specific details like When to Arrive, Age & Fitness, Meeting Location, and Cancellations & Refunds. You can also include additional details like Insider Tips. The more details you add will only help your product get more bookings and save your time having to answer a lot of customer questions.


Sometimes overlooked, pictures play a critical role in your online product listing.They are what draw a customer to click on your tour or activity to find more details. You could have the most amazing tour to offer, but if your featured picture doesn’t show that, potential customers may overlook it when looking through OnceThere's host of listings. We suggest you have a high resolution picture that really represents all your tour has to offer. Make sure it is in color with no text or logos. Having multiple pictures is also very important, but be sure to feature the best one. The featured photo should be the one you’re most excited about that you think will attract customers to click on your product.

By following these tips on how to make your tour or activity stand out, your business can generate more bookings on OnceThere! 

If you ever want help or advice getting started with your OnceThere account, don't hesitate to contact our team at

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