Father’s Day Tour Ideas

Posted by Kimberly Garcia on Jun 14, 2018 3:56:00 PM

Another Father’s Day is looming and you know that Dad deserves a treat he won’t forget. Replace the tie with a tour ticket and take Dad out on an adventure that he’ll cherish. Taking your dad on a Father's Day tour is a gift that can be shared with the whole family. Tours are a unique and fun activity that allows you to celebrate your dad and thank him for all that he has done for you.

History Tour

No matter where you might be, a history tour is an interesting way to learn about the historic events that took place in your area. With many variations of this activity available, there is sure to be an interesting perspective on what impact history had on your town. From haunted history tours to food tours celebrating culture in the area, there is sure to be an option that Dad will enjoy.

Fishing Tour

les-anderson-203926-unsplashTreating Dad to a fishing tour may not sound like it would be fun, but it takes the stress out of planning where to fish and gathering the proper equipment. Some tours can take you and your dad to the deeper side of the ocean so that the fish are more abundant. If you’re learning a new technique for fishing, then a tour is also a great way to further refine your skills. With guides present, you can ask questions and get a better grasp on particular styles of fishing. 

Craft Distillery Tour

If your dad is a fan of liquor, then a craft distillery tour is another great option. Distillery tours usually take a deeper look into the creation process of the liquor and the unique flavors the facility may produce. It could be fun to spend a day learning about beer and the different flavors it comes in. With samples typically included, this tour is sure to leave everyone with a smile.

Finding the right gift for Father’s Day doesn’t have to be another trip to the mall. An activity is unorthodox. A tour is also a gift that he won’t be expecting. Instead of giving him a common gift, you and your dad can spend a day together and create new memories.

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