4 Tips for Higher Guest Satisfaction and Earning Top Reviews

Posted by Paige on Jan 9, 2018 11:30:00 AM
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As a hotel manager or owner, making sure your guests are happy during their stay is top of mind. Often, energy and resources are focused on the upfront booking process, making sure travelers are checked in and their rooms are clean. This leaves few resources or time to make sure guests have the right information to ensure they enjoy their time on your property and in your city.


However, guest satisfaction during the stay has been found to be critical when guests are writing reviews of your property. Guests tend to look back at their stay holistically and remember not only their hotel room, but all the activities they enjoyed throughout their stay. Here are four ways to help you increase your guest satisfaction and overall traveler reviews:

1) Provide resources before travelers arrive

How is your hotel different; in regards to location or even amenitites? Does your property provide beach chair rentals or have an amazing spa? Do you recommend specific local activities that are unique to your area?

By giving travelers easily accessible information about location, directions to your property, as well as things to do during their stay, you help make the traveler's trip and planning easier and more fluid. Although most activities are booked upon arrival, travelers enjoy checking out options of things to do during their stay in advance.

Your website as well as pre-arrival emails are great ways to interact with guests before their arrival and provide all the information they seek when getting ready for their trip.

As an added bonus, allowing travelers the ability to actually reserve and book activities prior to arrival on your website or through confirmation emails is a plus.

2) Give travelers a friendly and easy check in experience

Your first direct interaction with guests is often during the check-in process. It is important that this process is very simple and quick since it gives you an opportunity to provide information and wow your guests.


Providing free refreshments is usually welcome after a long trip and also can be helpful if you're experiencing a surge in check-in arrivals. Even a simple water cooler or providing tea and coffee in the mornings will help travelers to feel refreshed and welcome at your property.

New technologies are making it even easier to facilitate check-in of guests as well as providing information. Mobile check-in allows guests to set preferences and rooms to be assigned before arrival making the actual arrival process quick and easy.

New concierge text messaging services allow you to greet your guests, provide service and even share suggestions of local recommendations on mobile devices where travelers are already spending significant time. You can also provide a kiosk with local tour and activity recommendations in your lobby so that travelers can easily check and book things they want to do while waiting on the check-in process.

3) Incorporate local staff recommendations

Many guests today want to insure that they are truly having a local experience when they travel. With increased pressure from companies like Airbnb, the expectation is that travelers will find local recommendations wherever they go. Encourage staff to have suggestions of favorite restaurants nearby, excursions and important attractions for travelers.

4) Be available for questions and recommendations

Utilizing new technologies such as the concierge text messaging services listed above help your staff to be ready to answer any questions or needs travelers may have. No longer do travelers need to wait on call queues or hope to get someone on the phone, they can immediately access multiple staff around the hotel. This also helps your staff to handle multiple requests at the same time, creating better efficiencies. As a tip, add links for bookable activities to your pre-written text message responses to help guests quickly book local activities.

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