3 Ways to Improve Your Digital Strategy

Posted by Amie Darboe on May 8, 2018 1:15:26 PM

Most savvy tour and activity providers understand that having a good digital strategy allows them to gain access to more customers. Figuring out how to accomplish that goal can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. You’ll find three easy ways to improve your digital strategy to get in front of more customers and get more bookings below.

 1. Get mobile

mobileAlthough travel trends change frequently, data shows that 4 out of 5 bookings are made in-destination and 24 – 48 hours prior to consumption. This means that most travelers aren’t booking activities on desktop computers in the comfort of their own homes, but are actually using mobile devices to book these experiences. As an activity provider, making sure that your website is responsive to all devices enables you to get bookings from customers who want to book your activity, no matter what device they are on.


2. Take advantage of all of your RMS Provider's features

You love your reservation management system and its support team. But are you maximizing all of its capabilities? Your reservation management system—whether it be FareHarbor, Bookeo, Xola, or any of a number of other providers—likely allows you to distribute your activities through its partners. If you’re not already aware of all of the other partners your RMS provider works with and how each of its partners can help your business increase its digital presence, now’s the perfect time to reach out to your account manager to learn about the ways to make the most of your subscription. For example, OnceThere partners with a number of RMS providers to allow you to distribute your activities through multiple local channels.

3. Distribute through local channels

kioskReselling your tours and activities through the big name online travel agents (OTAs) makes sense for most tour and activity providers looking to attract digitally savvy consumers. Don’t let your business get loss in the competitive landscape on most OTA websites by relying on them as your only means of distribution. Seek distribution through local channels, like your local Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) and area hotel and lodging providers, because these organizations are focused on providing guests with local experiences. One way they do that is by using OnceThere software to sell their activity partners' tours and activities both online an onsite through kiosks.

The thought of investing in a digital strategy that will work for your business can be a daunting task for tour and activity providers that don’t know where to begin. However, if you follow the aforementioned tips, you’ll find that the task at hand is a lot easier than you might have initially thought.


Distribution with OnceThere allows you to reach mobile customers, connect via your RMS provider, and get in front of local travelers through our local distribution channels. Interested in learning more? Schedule a meeting with our sales team today.

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