3 Unique Activity Ideas for Your Bachelor/Bachelorette Celebration

Posted by Kimberly Garcia on May 25, 2018 10:32:17 AM

As the summer draws near, many couples are getting ready to say “I do.” One of the most important events leading up to the wedding is the bachelor or bachelorette party. If you’re someone who wants to go above and beyond for your friend that's getting hitched, it can be difficult finding something fun to do. We have a couple of ideas that’ll make the task less difficult for you.

1. Food & Wine Tours

You and your buddies have an honorary friend and their name is Whiskey. Learn more about this friend of yours by going on a whiskey tasting tour. Even though it may be a little calmer than what you are probably used to, this is a bachelor/bachelorette activity that neither the bride nor the groom will forget. It also makes for a great story to tell whenever you pour a glass of your favorite bourbon and one you can share.

A similarly unique plan could include a wine tour. It provides a great opportunity to sit down with the bride or groom to catch up and unwind. Some wine tours can be coupled with a food or lunch option, which further enhances the experience for everyone. 

2.) Safari Adventures 

Safari Adventure
Desert safaris are available throughout the nation. An experience like this will bring many memories to come.

If your group is not too keen on liquor, a safari adventure may be in order. You don’t have to travel to the jungle to see beautiful landscapes. Offered in the desert, you and the rest of the bachelor party can feel like you’ve driven into Mad Max. From Louisiana to Hawaii, there are many variations of a “safari” tour you can attend. Since most of the adventures involve Jeeps or four-wheelers, it’s sure to get everyone excited about the activity.

3.) Speciality Cruises

Bachelor and bachelorette parties can quickly turn south, especially with many people to please. Some fun activities everyone might enjoy include going on a specialty cruise. This is a great option for those parties that are torn on adventure and relaxation. With different amenities, everyone is sure to be pleased. 

Planning a trip for the bride or groom can be stressful and end up being fun for everyone except the planner. Allowing a speciality cruise to take on the challenge and provide the entertainment can help alleviate the pressure with having a good time.

Whether you go on a food and wine tour, take a safari adventure, or indulge in a speciality cruise to celebrate the bride or groom in your life, you're sure to have a blast and make unique memories. 


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